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Blog Web Hosting ExplainedWhether you are running a personal or a business-oriented blog, the first thing that you would require is a web host. The primary function of a web host is to provide you with the storage space, connectivity and everything else that you need to launch your blog online. Now, there are two types of blog web hosting that you can take advantage of. First, there is the free web hosting services offered by the likes of Geocities, Blogger, WordPress, TypePad and LiveJournal. The problem is that these free web hosting services usually offer a limited amount of disk space and bandwidth. Your second options is to look for an affordable blog web hosting service provider which will give you more value for your money such as enough disk space and bandwidth to accommodate the website visitors should your traffic increase later on.Blog Web Hosting Facts, Tips and AdviceTypes Of Blog Web HostingThere are two types of blog web hosting packages that you can take advantage of: free and paid web hosting. The only thing that you need to watch out for when it comes to free web hosting is the fact that the bandwidth and disk space that you will get is usually limited.More Hosting ArticlesFree Blog HostingFor the most part, taking advantage of free web hosting services is good enough for personal blogs or blogs for small businesses. This is because there are ways for you to save up on the disk space that you will need by uploading your images and videos “free” sites.More Hosting ArticlesSome Blog Web Hosting FeaturesOne of the many advantages provided by blog web hosting is that the editing software is typically easy to use and you can gain easy access to customizable menus. You can also get immediate feedback,, poll or voting features that most blog web hosts include in the packages they offer.More Hosting ArticlesBlog Hosting StatisticsIf you are just starting out a business blog and you are wondering whether there is a way for you to track how much traffic the blog gets ask your web host provider. They will usually provide you with server-side statistics so that you will know how much traffic your blog is getting.More Hosting ArticlesWhich Blog Web Hosting Is Best For YouAside from free blog hosting, the other types of web hosting which you can select for your blog are: shared web hosting, managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. Determine your personal or business blog needs first to know which one of these will work best for you.More Hosting Articles

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