Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting ExplainedCheap, powerful, reliable these are the three words associated with Linux web hosting. Linux is a popular operating system which is considered to be an excellent and low-cost alternative to more expensive operating systems. If you own a website, there are usually several operating systems that you can use but two of the most popular are Linux and the Windows operating system. So if you want your website to run on a Linux operating system, look for a Linux web hosting package suitable for webmasters who are using Perl or PHP programming and MySQL database. The good thing about using a Linux web hosting package is that its power and reliability comes from Linux being an open source software. As such, you can take advantage of an excellent operating system to suit your needs as a website owner.Linux Web Hosting Facts, Tips and AdviceLinux Vs. WindowsAs compared to Windows and other expensive operating systems, Linux is considered to be a powerful, cheap and reliable alternative to your web hosting needs. As the name implies, Linux web hosting is a type of web hosting which runs on the Linux operating system.More Hosting ArticlesAdvantages Of Linux Web HostingThere are many advantages to choosing Linux hosting over the traditional hosting types. Linux is an operating system which is powerful and reliable, characteristics which come from it being an open-source software. More importantly, it is less expensive than the typical web hosting types.More Hosting ArticlesLinux Or Windows Hosting, Which One Is BetterIf you’re wondering whether Linux or Windows web hosting is better, the answer is that it depends on what you are doing. Each operating system has its pros and cons so base your decision on which operating system it is that will benefit your website the most.More Hosting ArticlesMore Advantages Of Linux HostingThe good thing about using Linux web hosting is that you can take advantage of specialized features such as PHP and MySQL support. Linux web hosting also tend to be very stable once installed, the operating system is free and it offers the tightest security that you can get.More Hosting ArticlesComparing Linux and WindowsThe features which are not included with Linux hosting are SQL 2000, MS Access, Visual Basic Scripts and Windows Media. On the other hand, the features which aren’t included with Windows are MySQL, web-based control systems and anonymous FTP’s.More Hosting Articles

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