Windows Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting ExplainedThere are a few things that you need to consider when looking for a web hosting provider. First, which operating system will the website be running on? Is it a Windows-based or Linux-based platform? If you want the site to run on a Windows-based platform, then you should look for a provider which offers a Windows web hosting package. The aim of this type of web hosting is to deliver a single-purpose solution for Internet Service Providers or ISP’s, website owners or application developers. Windows web hosting provides a website owner with the ability to design a site using the Windows Operating System. By doing so, you can take advantage of technologies like Active Server Pages, COM and the .Net infrastructure applications which all run on Windows-based platforms. This is definitely one powerful web hosting solution that you should take advantage of.Windows Web Hosting Facts, Tips and AdviceChoosing A Web Hosting PlatformWhen looking for a type of web hosting package that you can use, the first thing that you need to consider is the operating systems where the website will run. If you are using a Windows-based platform, then the automatic choice would be a Windows web hosting package.More Hosting ArticlesWhat Is Windows Web HostingWindows is an operating system owned by Microsoft which has become a de facto standard for personal and business site owners. Over the years, more and more website administrators are choosing Windows hosting because the end result is a more appealing website for the online users.More Hosting ArticlesStandard Scripts For Windows Web HostingIf you choose Windows web hosting, you should be using the standard scripting and technology which are compatible with this type of web hosting including ASP or ASP.Net, Microsoft Access, SQL servers and Windows-based programming languages.More Hosting ArticlesMore Windows Web Hosting ScriptsSome of the scripting languages that you can use when running a Windows-based website are ASP, ASP.Net and PHP. The good thing about these scripts is that they are easy to learn and samples are readily available online.More Hosting ArticlesChoosing The Right Windows Hosting ProviderWhen looking for a Windows web hosting provider, make sure that the company has the necessary expertise in this specialized application. The provider should have the length of experience in hosting Windows-based platforms. Make sure that they offer 24/7 customer support.

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